Welcome to the #FoundArt Project.

As an Australian artist who uses POD [print on demand} technology I sell my artworks on different products to art lovers all over the world. My main customers are in the USA, United Kingdom, and Europe: In Australia I am barely known.
I have considered staging an art show in Sydney but due to the prohibitive costs and lack of recognition as an artist in my home country I decided instead to use the whole of Sydney as my art gallery. 
Once a week I will put out miniature versions of some of my most popular artworks on display in places you wouldn't necessarily find art. From bus sheds to food courts, overhead passes to trains, I want to add Art wherever I go. People who find my artworks have a few choices of what to do: 

  • You can leave it there for someone else to enjoy.
  • You can take it home with you to keep.
  • You can take it and place it somewhere else you feels needs a little art.
  • You can give it away
  • Or you can sell it intact as an original #FoundArt piece.

All these are valid uses for my Artworks.

I appreciate any social media mentions you may care to make about being a finder of #FoundArt.
The point of the whole exercise is to brighten peoples days with art in unexpected places.
You can also leave a comment telling me about your reaction to finding my #FoundArt.
Don't forget you can also buy full size versions of my art.
If the idea excites you of finding found art around Sydney tweet or instagram using the hashtags #FoundArt and #Sydneyismygallery.
You may see me out and about leaving #Foundart in your suburb sometime soon.

Cheers Jane Holloway

Somewhere in Rhodes
Somewhere in Parramatta
Somewhere in a Bus Shed
Somewhere near posters


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