Coca-Cola Sign

On the 15th of September 2016 the new incarnation of the iconic Coca-Cola sign at Kings Cross was lit up for the first time.
The city was in gridlock as a NSW Public Transport Bus caught fire and burned sending smoke plumes across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With minutes to spare and traffic chaos everywhere we managed to capture the turning on of the lights.


History (Wikipedia entry) 
The red and white neon billboard was erected in 1974 in its current location whilst the left side of the billboard was a later addition in 1990. In 2004 the billboard for the first time in thirty years advertised a product other than Coca Cola, when the left side of the board advertised the release of Halo 2.
On 31 March 2007 the lights on the billboard were intentionally switched off for the first time, in correlation with the inaugural Earth Hour.
On 23 April 2008, four activists unfurled a banner over the billboard in protest of Coke’s sponsorship of the Olympic torch relay at Kings Cross. The banner read: "Enjoy Compassion. Always Tibet. CHINA - TALK TO THE DALAI LAMA". All four activists were arrested.
In 2015, the Coke sign was removed to make way for an upgraded Coke sign to be installed in 2016.
The new Coca Cola sign was officially turned on 15 September 2016. It uses a lot less power, it's also the single largest controllable LED sign in the Southern Hemisphere and can change colour.