This Is Not Normal

So after viewing Last Week Tonight and watching John Oliver asking people to create Post-It notes or posters around their home to remind them to keep the politicians in check for what may be the eroding of rights and personal freedoms in the USA, I felt a need as an artist to support the idea that some of the President-elect's policies were really not normal for the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Unlike a lot of things on Redbubble that are cause-driven people decide to jump on the bandwagon and profit from the misery of others.

Part of the whole This Is Not Normal campaign comes a list of charities that may be under threat because of ideology .

I decided I could help people remind themselves that This Is Not Normal in an artistic way. As I am just a small artist in Australia I need to cover myself from any taxation I may incur by donating profits to US-based charities, so 50% goes to the charities, 50% goes to offset my taxation so I don’t bankrupt myself by trying to do something that may make a difference.

So how it will work is this - 50% of profits from sales from any Iskybibblle This Is Not Normal product, regardless of design will be donated as soon as the funds are received from Redbubble. Depending on the amount, the donation will either be split between multiple charities/foundations or donated to just one of the charities listed below.

Thank you for all who buy an Iskybibblle This Is Not Normal design. Profits from your purchase will go directly to help charities listed on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

At this point in time I am the only Redbubble artist with this initiative. Purchasing This Is Not Normal products from other artists may end up with all profits going into the hands of the artist themselves - nothing wrong with that but something perhaps to consider.

The charities:
Planned Parenthood (
The Center for Reproductive Rights (
Natural Resources Defense Council (
International Refugee Assistance Project (
NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund (
The Trevor Project for LGBT youth (
The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (
ProPublica (

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